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Looking for a saree that is both beautiful and practical? Look no further than the Professional Wear Cotton Saree! Made from 100% cotton, this saree is soft and comfortable to wear. The dark leafy green and dark red combination is perfect for summer, and the fish motifs add an element of mystery and style. Plus, no blouse is included with the saree, so you can dress up or down as you please. Whether you're headed to work or to a party, this saree is a must-have in your wardrobe.

Professional Wear

Out of Stock
    • 100% Pure Cotton
    • No Blouse Is Given
    • Dark Leafy Green And Dark Red Combination
    • Kolkata Weaving Style
    • Fish Motifs All over The Saree
    • Soft And Comfortable Wear
Red Venkatagiri Cotton Saree - 5 _ Bhramara Vastra.jpg

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